New Version Available Now!

“Going Through Hell To Get To Heaven” (formerly “Getting to Heaven By Going Through Hell”) is now available on, Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Nook, eBooks!

KiCam Projects, publishers of inspirational books that “change the world one story at a time”, has republished my memoir!  The title and cover were changed slightly and some editing done from the original book entitled “Getting to Heaven By Going Through Hell”.  We are very excited to have added Bible verses and questions for reflection at the end of each chapter.  We hope that these changes facilitate “Going Through Hell to Get to Heaven’s” use as a Bible study or simply allow the reader to get a deeper understanding of how my struggles relate to yours.

 I hope you enjoy the newest version and I hope you see your life reflected in mine.  My trip through Hell was tough, but it enabled me to find my Heaven on the other side!

The Author Show

The Authors Show  will be broadcasting an interview with Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz on October 11th following the “Reader’s Favorite” First Place Award in the Inspirational/Spiritual Category.  “Reader’s Favorite” is an international literary competition where only one first place award is given out every year in each category.  The first place award winners are then granted an interview on the Author’s Show.  5star-shiny-hr The interview details many new aspects of “Getting to Heaven By Going Through Hell”.  Please tune in.

Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital

Had a table at Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospitaldeer pict fellow mortals Fellow mortals hawk12049378_960670207309554_8726265124032609589_n annual charity event. Sold a number of books (“Getting to Heaven by Going Through Hell” All profits went to help injured and orphaned wildlife. Response was great and people were generous raising lots of money to help these beautiful animals get back to the wild. It is an honor to work with them. Truly these people are angels and these animals a testament to God’s great design.

9 year anniversary of the crash that almost destroyed us

Yesterday was the nine year anniversary of the car crash that nearly killed our entire family.  A 8 time drunk driver came across the median on the interstate and hit us head-on at 70 mph.  Our world changed that day in so many ways and none of us were ever going to be the same.  At one point I was given a 1 in 100 chance of survival after 8 hours of surgery just to get me to those odds.    I never imagined that I would be now calling that day one of the BEST days of our lives.

crash pictures 026

We were saved physically and spiritually that day by a multitude of angels who were placed in our lives.  Dr. Jerry Lang, my primary surgeon at the hospital and his gifted team, the EMT’s who got us out of the mangled car and stabilized us until we got to the hospital, as well as all the friends and family that helped pull us through were all angels to us.

crash pictures 022     crash pictures 011




My book “Getting to Heaven By Going Through Hell” tells how this terrible day didn’t destroy our family but saved it in a very real way.  We could have never foreseen how it would but this was God’s plan, not ours.  We did not know it but we HAD to get into that crash for our family to survive.

Kids and Dogs 2006

Blessed 2015

Like I always say, “If you want to hear God laugh, just tell Him your plan.”