Charity recognizes the angels

Time is Now to Help recently touted the book Getting to Heaven by Going Through Hell in the article in Column Headshot template

Lake Geneva Regional News as a testament to the angels we have all around us.  This organization helps those in poverty with more than just a handout.  The charity’s founder, Sal Dimiceli, personally meets with those requesting assistance and determines how to best raise them out of the situation they are in.  This may include getting a vehicle that will get them to work, getting nursing help to the ill, working on a budget that will allow them to sustain.  These people are truly some of the angels that exist in the world around us.  They are living proof that we can see and be angels and that there is heaven here on earth.

This is a very worthy charity with ALL donations going to help people lift themselves out of poverty.

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  1. Jeff Hodkiewicz, my grandfather was Stanley, my father Alvin, I met your father at my aunt Evie’, funeral and would like to open a dialog.

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