Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital

Had a table at Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospitaldeer pict fellow mortals Fellow mortals hawk12049378_960670207309554_8726265124032609589_n annual charity event. Sold a number of books (“Getting to Heaven by Going Through Hell” https://www.createspace.com/5277471). All profits went to help injured and orphaned wildlife. Response was great and people were generous raising lots of money to help these beautiful animals get back to the wild. It is an honor to work with them. Truly these people are angels and these animals a testament to God’s great design.

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  1. Fellow Mortals provides excellent medical care to injured and orphaned wild animals entrusted to the hospital by the public. Fellow Mortals continues to advance treatment for the most critically injured and compromised animals admitted for care, demonstrated by a continued high rate of recovery and release back to the wild.

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