Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz was a successful veterinarian living the American Dream with his wife and three kids. He was King of His World with a thriving business, the respect of his community, and a beautiful young family. God had smiled on him.

That is, until the day they were all nearly killed by a drunk driver.

So began his journey through the hell of near death, complete with a mangled body and broken spirit. God had humbled him in order to rebuild into the man He wanted him to be.

He and his wife are still practicing veterinarians and now live on a 300-acre farm in Wisconsin — their piece of heaven — with their three children, where they raise horses and a menagerie of other animals. When not working, Dr. Scot devotes his time as a volunteer for youth mission trips and a local wildlife rehabilitation hospital. He also serves as a church leader. Mona volunteers every week at the local humane society, sterilizing animals free of charge and finding them homes.

His first book, Getting to Heaven by Going through Hell chronicles their journey from the top of the mountain to the depths of hell — one that ultimately led them to discover heaven here on earth.

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